I’m working to get it fixed asap. I was actually born in Bosnia and left right after the war. Stories and tips from Montenegro and Albania are on their way, but let me start by sharing my best memories from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Walk around the restaurants onto an elevated path to get the best views of the monastery and this amazing place to visit in Bosnia. There are a couple things you need to know when you are going on a road trip in Bosnia: When driving in Bosnia you will hardly get to travel on highways, simply because there are hardly any. [U] Realize how untouched this country is as soon as you leave Sarajevo or Mostar, and be glad you decided to spend a bit more money on a car. I hope the weather is still good. It’s city with amazing hostory, tasty food and incredible night life, I also did a road trip from Sarajevo to Greece, through Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. Map out a few key stops and don't over plan. When I visited Sarajevo I did a free walking tour. Here’s an itinerary of our 7 day road trip through central Bosnia. You will have to pay them €30, including some practice jumps. Read for example how to get to Uvac Viewpoint in Serbia, sleep in the mountains in Kosovo, take the Komani Lake Ferry in Albania or visit Matka Canyon. They are yummy! This extremely scenic ride with plenty of tunnels and bridges will take you through stunning gorges, over mountains and along the river. Google Maps. Try the homemade fresh juices like strawberry, pomegranate and cherry. I for example discovered amazing things to do in Balkan for you. , […] our crappy car was about to fall out with us. This touristy but stunning place has to be included on your trip to Bosnia. Once you reach Ripci, turn left and head to Scit, right in the middle of the lake, for some 360° views! (except maybe that moment where I lost my towel, but I’m keeping that one for my ABC of the best things to do in Albania, of course :D), Love this post, its very creative! Ask around for the Sniper Tower, an abandoned high rise building. Almost 10.000 men got deported and killed and buried in mass graves in and around Srebrenica. With a fold-out souvenir map and the top 50 road trips across the U.S., this handsome travel guide offers strategic lists and routes organized by region. It’s a beautiful park with swans and horse carriage. Or maybe just because it reminds me of my childhood, when we’d head out with my parents at every chance we got, playing games or singing with my sister in the back seat of our non-airconditioned car, or ‘helping’ my dad by telling him to keep on going straight at every road sign for 435 kilometers in a row…. Thank you for sharing these awesome sights and places of Bosnia! If you start looking for places to see in Bosnia you will obviously find the usual stuff like Sarajevo, Mostar, and Trebinje, but there are more places to see in Bosnia. A great place to start. Directed by Todd Phillips. Thanks! [E] Stop everywhere along the road, get out of your car, open your eyes and fall in love over and over again. Curious where I am right now? Euro Road Trip – Bosnia and Herzegovina I remember hearing about wars in Bosnia and Herzegovina when I was younger. My brother in law is from Sarajevo and I really want to visit. It’s on the way from Lake Rama to Tomislavgrad but I don’t know the exact location. Alice and I on Tuzla Beach in Constanta, Romania. I was just in Bosnia about a week ago and totally fell in love with Mostar. Brak jest jednak rozbudowanej sieci dróg szybkiego ruchu i autostrad, dlatego nawet podróżując trasami europejskimi (z przedrostkiem E) musimy być gotowi na to, że często będziemy musieli zwalniać do 50 kilometrów na godzinę ze względu na teren zabudowany. It’s easy, super scenic and cheap! All information on this website is exclusively based on my own experiences and research. Our database includes millions of the world’s most fascinating places, making planning the unexpected easier than you thought. Driving in Bosnia is not hard as traffic is pretty chilled and road conditions are good. The scenery looks breathtakingly beautiful. Come early in summers to avoid the crowds, but unfortunately when you come early the spring of the river is in the shadow and looks a little less appealing. May you still have questions please let me know, I would love to help you make the most of your Balkan road trip. Oh, and bring Jones Around the World on your trip too, even though you’ve never met him before. It might not sound amazing but unfortunately it’s the history and there when you are at the burial there so much piece and it’s seems you can feel the spirits around you. Visiting the memorial center in Srebrenica and learning about the war in the museum left a deep impression. #bdotcom_bc_mbe_banner_5177 .bdotcom_bc_copy_wrapper .bdotcom_bc_copy div { color: #FFF;}#bdotcom_bc_mbe_banner_5177 .bdotcom_bc_mbe_button {color:#FFF ;background:#f85c69 ; }Search hotels and more...Book now. #bdotcom_bc_mbe_banner_5177 { background-image: url("https://www.lilistravelplans.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/hotel-1831072_1920.jpg");}#bdotcom_bc_mbe_banner_5177 .bdotcom_bc_copy_wrapper .bdotcom_bc_copy, The 15th of the Road Trips series of archival albums, it was released as a three-disc CD on April 26, 2011. M17 road is a Main road in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Indeed the Mostar bridge needs to be photographed from every angle, day and night. Here’s a list of everything I recommend in his amazing country! when, driving from Lake Rama towards Tomislavgrad (see [R]), the scenery suddenly completely changes from blue lakes and winding roads to green hills and views that could make you wonder if you’re still in Bosnia and Herzegovina. [B] Spend 2 hours photographing Stari Most, the epic bridge of Mostar. Wow! There are two walking tours in Sarajevo: a historical walking tour and one that focusses on the war. The steep cobbled stoned streets lined up with souvenir stalls, homestays and friendly locals lead up to a castle on the top with impressive views over the village and the river. I got back to the Netherlands and saved as much money as I could and in December 2012 I quit my job again and ever since I am continuously traveling the world. What about Kravice, Blagaj, Pocitelj, Mrkonjic Grad, Srebrenica, Lake Jablanica? This is also the place where they recommend you to try the local eateries in all the Bosnia travel guide books. Amazing! [T] Get a ticket for speeding on day 1 of your trip and ask the cops for a selfie afterwards. You just gather at a certain place in the city and join a group on a walking tour. It is great to hit one of the terraces and watch the spectacle. it’s very beautiful. Srebrenica for me is a special place as it historically played a huge roll in Dutch history. Best for: Story-lovers and stargazers. Bosnians are the most friendly people and always happy to help tourists. I only passed briefly through Croatia on my way to Montenegro so I’ll keep it for my to do list, too , YES, Bosnia & Herzegovina is definitely on my list, and this post makes it jump right to the top! I noticed one place in Sarajevo that you didn’t get a chance to visit is a park where is a source of river Bosnia. Cookie and privacy policy / terms and conditions. A 7 day road trip in Bosnia as part of our Europe Road Trip check out this page for itinerary and road detailshttp://www.tagalongtravellers.com/europe-road-trip There are basketball courts Valleyball courts, tennis courts, you can Vranduk is also a place to visit which has a castle as well. Next time if you go you can enjoy potato pies (krompirusa) and spinach pie (zeljanica). Almost 3 years later, I still haven’t left Tanzania and I now own Mawenzi Adventures, a local tour business that organizes safaris, Kilimanjaro climbs and all kinds of other trips. It came all as a massive surprise as I had never heard that driving in Bosnia was so incredible. Coincidentally I stumbled upon an extremely laid-back camping place called Auto Camp Miris Ljeta in Ostrozac. Add the lovely town of Jajce to it and you want to add this place to your Bosnia road trip itinerary. The film stars Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott, Paulo Costanzo, and DJ Qualls as four college friends who embark on an 1800-mile road trip to retrieve an illicit tape mistakenly mailed to a girlfriend. I never thought Bosnia and Herzegovina are these iconic when it comes to the scenery! Plus road trips are so much fun! Four college buddies embark on a road trip to retrieve an … Looks like your road trip was a blast! Switch to a Google Earth view for the detailed virtual globe and 3D buildings in many major cities worldwide. #LakePorn. Amazing place….really…i travel all my life. with the long road and greenery on both sides with the mountail/hill backdrop? Find local businesses and nearby restaurants, see local traffic and road conditions. Photography is a joy then. [K] Open Google maps, drive to the first place you see on it and discover breathtaking. , Man you have captured the beauty of BiH so well! Hell I even laughed my ass off. There is a famous place to visit in Mostar for sunset. ABC of the coolest things to do on a road trip through Montenegro, https://topochinesvino.com/2016/11/06/ive-a-feeling-were-not-in-croatia-anymore/, IN PHOTOS: CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT – A safari in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, CITY TRIPPING CZECH REPUBLIC – Let’s ‘czech’ out alternative Prague, Olomouc, Ostrava and Brno, EUROPE, I’M GONNA MISS YOU – My favorite hidden gems in Europe, HIGHLIGHTS OF MY HOME COUNTRY – What I love about Ghent, Belgium, IN PHOTOS: A SAFARI IN TANZANIA – Lake Manyara National Park. I’d love to go and visit there sometime someday! So it's 1995, I'm in college, and a friend and I go on a road trip from Providence, Rhode Island to Portland, Oregon. Optional Balkans Road Trip detours in Romania, Bulgaria and Albania 16) Constanta, Romania. Very smug about getting to Sarajevo before all the tourists! It might not be as big as Central Park but it’s big and you can enjoy walks near the river Bosna which also has shopping center full of cafes, shops where you can sip coffee or juice and enjoy the view of the track field. Most of the trip you will pass through the mountains. May you get lost, ask locals to help you. Also you might like to consider to visit Srebrenica where in 1995 was genocide and it has the biggest burial. [V] Stay up until 8 AM on the balcony of your apartment in Konjic, drinking beers and drooling over the view at sunrise. #bdotcom_bc_mbe_banner_5177 .bdotcom_bc_copy_wrapper .bdotcom_bc_copy h5, 1. Such an epic trip. This is a destination for the people with a taste to explore little-known places, with a passion for ancient history and the mystical rituals of one of the oldest nations in Europe, with a love to the amazing natural beauties and interest to the cultural and gourmet tradition of Bulgaria. The starting point will be Sofia. If road take you back here, visit Banja Luka. I know I know it’s just a bridge, but look at it!#BridgePorn, [C] Eat cevapi. Embrace those things you can't see or do anywhere else. Sadly enough Srebrenica is put on the map because of the genocide against the Bosnian Muslims in time of the Yugoslavian war. Wow guys incredibly beautiful, I love it. Give each passenger ownership over a daily portion of the trip. Thanks Bryony! The Balkan is full of amazing adventures! [Z] In the area around Mostar, drink some (or a lot of) zilavka, a fresh local wine that’ll help you turn a quiet evening into a crazy night. While you are in the region of Eastern Europe, I would like to recommend Bulgaria as a country to visit. Complete freedom . Z naszych obserwacji wynika, że drogi w Bośni i Hercegowinie są stosunkowo dobrej jakości. What a fun post! I wish I’d spent a bit more time there, it was really unexpected and totally worth it. Afer all what do you think about Bosnia,also amazing photographs. Would love to go here someday. from korea but in china now It’s amazing to see others enjoying the beauty of my country. [N] Get a taste of Bosnian nightlife and a great view of the city in one of the rooftop bars of Sarajevo. , Lovely photos! Your post reminded me of my trip to Bosnia (my train, not by car). In 2008 I decided to go on a trip around the world and in 1 year I traveled through 24 countries from North America to South America, New Zealand, Australia and finally South East Asia. Our road trip looked like this: Zagreb (Croatia) – Republika Srpska – Banja Luka – Sarajevo – Mostar – Dubrovnik (Croatia) I just should keep myself safe in case I get to visit Bosnia. it seems like you had a blast! This is a legal thing to do, but for something so extreme you probably want some local advice. All amazing stops on a road trip to Bosnia. Most of the trip you will pass through the mountains. This walking tour through the city is not just another guide. Scit & Rama Lake – This postcard perfect lake is a great spot for some watersports and is even more beautiful when viewed from afar. It’s like watching something out of a movie! No plan, no bucket list, no end date. Planning the perfect road trip through the Balkans can be a challenging. My name lincoin The trip is a mere 6-7 hours and will take you through breathtaking mountain ranges straight out of a fairy tale, tidy … All rights reserved. Here’s a link to our Bosnia post but you can also link to our other posts for that trip. Don’t waste time, live now! nice photos! People are extremely happy to see the Bosnia tourism picking up at this gorgeous lake surrounded by green hills. Another option is hanging out in one of the cool bars that stay open late in Mostar. [Y] Learn about the history of former Yugoslavia at the Historic Museum in Sarajevo. You know I love to explore countries I have never been before, so I was super excited to jump in my Peugeot 5008 and drive all the way down southeast to start my Balkan itinerary. Overberg motorbike route. Duration: 3-5 days. A man who knows it won’t stop’. [L] On day 1, scream “Let’s get this baby on the roooooaaaaad” in a weird high voice, making your travel buddies think you’re some kind of nut job, and keep on repeating it before each ride until the end of the trip, laughing your ass off every single time. If you are planning a Balkan road trip then please let Bosnia be part of it, but also take a look at some other stops along the way. The countries capital can’t be missed! Les Corniches, France A set of three different drives at three different altitudes with three different scenic tours of the region, Les Corniches give drivers options for a European road trip where you can see all that the beautiful French countryside has to offer. Use this map type to plan a road trip and to get driving directions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina is indeed super lovely and pretty undiscovered, so don’t hesitate, just go! Read the story: The great escape: take a surf safari up the West Coast . For aficionados of Balkan cuisine, Bosnia is the homeland of ćevap — perfectly seasoned minced meat formed into little links, then grilled on an open fire — much as France specializes in cheese, or Spain corners the market on bizarre seafood. It was […]. A small thing for you to do that can make a big difference for me. #bdotcom_bc_mbe_banner_5177 .bdotcom_bc_copy_wrapper .bdotcom_bc_copy h3, Maybe it’s for the warmth of the people you meet in tiny villages you’d never be able to reach if you were traveling by bus or train, and the bonds that are created between people spending every hour of every day together for several weeks.

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