youtube soyuz: launch

A Soyuz rocket lifts off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome April 9 carrying the Soyuz MS-16 spacecraft, whose three-person crew will arrive at the International Space Station six hours after launch. Launch Schedule. Virgin Orbit.
Soyuz MS-11 commander Oleg Kononenko, Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques and NASA astronaut Anne McClain are scheduled for launch … View the Soyuz Launch Schedule and get launch information including location, launch videos, rocket information and launch dates. Soyuz 1 (Russian: Союз 1, Union 1) was a crewed spaceflight of the Soviet space program.Launched into orbit on 23 April 1967 carrying cosmonaut Colonel Vladimir Komarov, Soyuz 1 was the first crewed flight of the Soyuz spacecraft.The flight was plagued with technical issues, and Komarov was killed when the descent module crashed into the ground due to a parachute failure. Cosmic Girl, 747-400 - Runway 12/30, Mojave Air and Space Port California, United States. 05:00 PM . A Russian Soyuz rocket lifts off carrying member of the International Space Station Expedition 26 crew. This extraordinary timelapse shows the launch of a Russian Soyuz rocket that took flight on November 16, 2018 from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. LauncherOne Flight 1. Under development by Virgin Orbit since 2007, LauncherOne is an air launched rocket for small satellite payloads. Next Soyuz-2 Launch MAY 25. LauncherOne.

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