Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid; Hebrew Meaning Of Yahweh Understanding the Hebrew meaning of Yahweh is helpful in better understanding Yahweh himself. It is one of the names of GOD used in the Bible.

YHWH should probably be pronounced “Yahweh,” less likely, “Jehovah.” Strong’s Concordance number: 3068. The name YHWH may be an artificial construct of the Hebrew language's available vowels, which would be equivalent to our AEIOU (and even if the name YHWH existed before the Hebrews began to note vowels, they may have chosen for their vowel-symbols the letters that made up the name of their God).

A biblical name, it is derived from the word 'havah' which is of the meaning to be, to become. Yahweh is used mostly in English and its language of origin is Hebrew. The tetragrammaton (from Greek Τετραγράμματον, meaning “[consisting of] four letters”) is the four Hebrew letters יהוה ‎, commonly transliterated into Latin letters as YHWH.

The ancient Hebrew mindset sees a name as a description of the character and essence of that person, and therefore is very important. The meaning of Yahweh is I am who is. For Jewish people YHVH is the most holy name of God, as written in the ancient Hebrew language.The written language showed no vowels, so the pronunciation is not agreed on.However, most academics agree that "Yahweh" is the most accepted way to say it. Hebrew Words for LORD: YHWH.

In the ancient Hebrew culture, a name held a much higher value than it does in most Western cultures today. Bible references: Gen. 3:8 and about 6400 times in the Old Testament (it is also translated “God” in about three hundred places). Yahweh is the name of God in the Old Testament, transliterated YHWH in English from the four Hebrew letters Yod Heh Waw Heh.

Note that Yahweh is most likely also an incorrect transliteration, since there is no "w" sound in Hebrew.

The name may be derived from a … Hashem: The Name Since ancient Hebrew did not use any vowel markings, the actual pronunciation of the sacred Name is simply not known. As the name of the supreme being was considered too holy to be spoken, the consonants YHWH were used to remind one …

So let's take a look at the name …

It has also been pronounced as "Yehova" in Hebrew as a substitute word for the tetragrammaton. Yahweh is the name of the state god of the ancient Kingdom of Israel and, later, the Kingdom of Judah.

His name is composed of four Hebrew consonants (YHWH, known as the Tetragrammaton) which the prophet Moses is said to have revealed to his people.

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