why do spaceships land in kazakhstan

For years it was in the shadow of its predecessor, Almaty, but it has matured and ever more corporate headquarters, embassies and consular services are moving north to Astana.

For a successful return to Earth and landing, dozens of things have to go just right. In the case of the US space shuttle, landing sites were selected before the first launch.

Usually in Kazakhstan.

Tourists can visit Kazakhstan's Baikonur Cosmodrome, the storied home of the Soviet and Russian space programs, but only by booking a tour. That is why UFO was seen so many times in Kazakhstan.

Why do spacecraft appear in some places regularly and rarely in others? The facility remains closely guarded . Kazakhstan and the adjoining snowless Siberian steppes are vast and offer such touchdowns over hundreds of miles due to sparse human habitat. They (Soviets) rely on landing on 'land' unlike Americans who chose 'splash' down in Ocean for their returning spacecraft. The space agencies are pretty good at getting space craft to come down where they want them. After the dissolution of the USSR, and with Kazakhstan having gained its independence from the Soviets, the Russians were forced to work out a financial deal (currently valid through 2050) with Kazakhstan for the rights to use the former Soviet spaceport. In addition to the two primary sites (Edwards AFB and the Cape … Three members of the Expedition 54 crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS), including NASA astronauts Mark Vande Hei and Joe Acaba, returned to Earth on Tuesday after months of performing research and spacewalks in low-Earth orbit. For security reasons USSR chose sites there for their space programs. The Soviet/Russian capsules land on land.

The great civilizations do choose parking places for a reason. A Soyuz spacecraft carrying two U.S. astronauts and a Russian cosmonaut back to earth from the International Space Station landed safely in Kazakhstan on Friday. Never really thought about it on this level before, but damn does it seem kind of stupid that, in a post Cold War world driven solely by economics, both major space-faring powers of the Space Race would be launching their space men from Kazakhstan, and with no other option for getting people into space whatsoever. On June 6, if all goes according to plan, three people will rocket into space from a cosmodrome in Kazakhstan that has a fascinating history. Astronaut Tim Peake has left Earth to become the first official British astronaut to visit the International Space Station.But why did his mission leave from Kazakhstan? The stronger the energy of the place, the higher the chance to meet aliens. Of course there is an alternative to landing at sea: landing on land, which the Soviet and then Russian space program has been doing since inception.

From Earth orbit, it just a matter of making some careful calculations and firing retro rockets at … Just like the American space shuttle landed in California or Florida, the Russian spacecraft use Kazakhstan.

They can be seen only in the sacred Places of Power.

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