why did e'dawn leave pentagon

Many are also wondering what would happen to the remaining members of PENTAGON.

Pinterest. We have come to a final decision that HyunA and E'Dawn will be leaving CUBE Entertainment. 0. E’Dawn and HyunA (Picture: HyunA’s Instagram) Cube Entertainment has announced that E’Dawn will go on leave from K-pop boy band Pentagon, launching another backlash against the agency. Due to an internal issue with the agency, the artists will be absent from the concert," naming HyunA, E'Dawn, and Yan An.

Korean PENTAGON fans have been posting in the idol group's official fan cafe demanding E'Dawn leave the group. Some fans are demanding that E’Dawn leave Pentagon, saying he cheated on them and the group for two years while dating HyunA. – He has a 4D personality – E’Dawn has a 4d personality which means that he’s unique and a little weird – His favorite color is black. [+780, -45] But didn't this scandal get Pentagon's name known? As a result, Pentagon would be promoting with eight members. – In Pentagon Maker, E’Dawn called Hyuna for advice in one of their missions. Many fans are wondering if E’Dawn is still a part of PENTAGON “UNIBIRTHDAY” is a very important fan meeting to PENTAGON and their fans, as it is the celebration of the first generation of PENTAGON’s fandom. Following the news of E'Dawn's departure from Pentagon and Cube, HyunA quickly released a series of photos on her social media accounts to show their fans that they were both doing fine. November 14, 2018 7:18 pm. On November 14, News1 reported that Cube Entertainment and E’Dawn recently terminated their exclusive contract, meaning that …

Late last month, Cube announced that E’Dawn and Yan An would be taking a leave from Pentagon, putting E’Dawn on indefinite hiatus. However, after discussions and thoughts with both HyunA and E'Dawn we have determined we won't be …

Twitter. This has been on mind for a while and I was going to make a video about it when it finally happened. After which, HyunA had acknowledged the fact that she has been dating E'Dawn for the past two years. Facebook. E’Dawn is leaving Cube Entertainment. Late last month, Cube announced that E’Dawn and Yan An would be taking a leave from Pentagon, putting E’Dawn on indefinite hiatus. Currently, many fans are still in shock as to what had happened to both artists. Article: "Make E'Dawn leave" Pentagon fans angered, requesting feedback from agency Source: Star Today via Nate 1.

PENTAGON's E'Dawn has been unheard from in recent weeks, ever since news broke of him having been in a relationship for over two years with fellow Cube Entertainment idol HyunA. WhatsApp . One thing is for sure, and that is, she looks much happier than she did a while back when she faced loads of backlash for being in a relationship with Pentagon member E'Dawn. The Real Reasons Why E’dawn Left Pentagon And Cube Entertainment. As a result, Pentagon would be promoting with eight members. At our agency, having mutual trust with our artists is deemed as an importance. [BREAKING] HyunA & Pentagon's E'Dawn have been kicked out of Cube Entertainment AKP STAFF Solo artist HyunA (26) and Pentagon 's E'Dawn (24 have been kicked out of Cube Entertainment .

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