what happened soon after the failures of the n1 rocket? how did the space race end?

Investigation showed that a loose bolt was sucked into an oxygen pump causing the rocket motors to automatically shut down and the rocket to fall from its maximum lift off of nearly 200 meters. N1, the moon rocket that failed, part 2 By Barry Davidoff Few people, even within the Soviet Union, knew anything about the existence of the N-1, in a project that ultimately would cost around $11 billion. During and after the Space Race there was a major failure for the Soviet Union and also a horrible failure for Americans.
Learning the lessons. For the N1's second launch attempt, engineers chose vehicle No. While the Americans forged through the Mercury and Gemini programs and into Apollo, the Soviet design bureaus created the N-1. Author: Sarah Pruitt. Besieged on many fronts. After the death of Sergei Korolev his lieutenant Vasili Mishin proved unequal to the task of continuing Korolev’s work—most of the major projects he headed failed dramatically, which is to say not only the N1, but the first Soyuz capsule and the first Soviet space station (with both failures costing the lives of cosmonauts). The 5 Deadliest Disasters of the Space Race. The N1 (Russian: Н1, from Ракета-носитель, Raketa-Nositel, carrier) was a super heavy-lift launch vehicle intended to deliver payloads beyond low Earth orbit, acting as the Soviet counterpart to the US Saturn V. It was designed with crewed extra-orbital travel in mind.

After Korolev died in 1966 due to complications after minor surgery, work on N1-L3 was taken over by his deputy, Vasily Mishin. These problems contributed to the eventual cancellation of the N1 and the lunar mission as a whole, as did four consecutive launch failures with no successes. Following the end of the Space Race, ... Six such successful landings were achieved through 1972, with one failure on Apollo 13. Unfortunately for the Soviet space program, all 4 attempted launches resulted in failure, with the launch of July 3, 1969 resulting in a giant explosion that destroyed the launch pad. Literally the first time the first stage was fired as a unit was for the rocket’s first flight, which was beyond foolish if somewhat typical of the Soviet space program at times. The first launch failure of the N1 rocket in February 1969 dealt a heavy blow to ... they had no illusions about winning the Moon Race, but the N1 still remained the centerpiece of the Soviet space program. The U.S.-Soviet space race had many notable successes, but some deadly catastrophes, too. The N1 rocket suffered four catastrophic uncrewed launch failures between 1969 and 1972, and the Soviet government officially discontinued its crewed lunar program on June 24, 1974, when Valentin Glushko succeeded Korolyov as General Spacecraft Designer. They spent millions of dollars on shuttles and training, and surprisingly they were farther in advances and sending things up into space then the Americas. The Soviet Union was really close to being the first ever people to land on the moon first. Mishin did not have Korolev's political astuteness or influence and was reputed to be a heavy drinker. As a result, the N1’s design and testing facilities were much less extensive than Saturn’s.
Its first stage is the most powerful rocket stage ever built. Development work started on the N1 in 1959. But they still didnt make it to … The Air Force’s Titan rocket was a staple of the US space program from 1959 to 2005, but its early flights were rocky. While it may be tempting to simply say the Soviet's rocket design was dumb, it seems that many other prominent factors played a role in the failure of the N-1 program.

New details surface about the former Soviet Union's attempts to send cosmonauts to the moon on huge N-1 rockets. The first launch failure of the N1 rocket in February 1969 dealt a heavy blow to the Soviet space program, already hopelessly behind the US in the Moon Race.

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