2005: Musk sues in an anti trust case over the creation of ULA … The companies say the suit could affect multimillion-dollar awards they received. New, 16 comments. Eric Berger - Mar 17, 2016 12:50 pm UTC Blue Origin and ULA are trying to intervene in SpaceX’s lawsuit against the government. I know the ULA vs SpaceX spat goes way back and while I am aware of a few "events" in their history, there are likely many that I don't know about. Mariella Moon , @mariella_moon

50 years from now, the BFR will be the most iconic space ship there ever was and every kid will grow up with a toy that looks like one.

ULA executive admits company cannot compete with SpaceX on launch costs The senior engineer has resigned from United Launch Alliance, effective immediately. * Spacex is building the BFR rocket able to launch 150 tons and is fully reusable. Air Force reveals difference between ULA and SpaceX launch prices The government can save a ton by have SpaceX launch its satellites. Spacex has a target for launch costs of about $7 million per launch.

Even with only some reusability and just the Falcon 9, Spacex is half the launch cost of United Launch Alliance when ULA is … And the sad part is, this is the tortoise and the hair, ULA is the tortoise, SpaceX is the hair, but imagine the hair never stops, keeps running full speed and doesn’t rest until the race is won, that’s SpaceX with their development. I will list the "events" that I know here, maybe others will find it interesting as well.

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