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... Starhopper was used from April through August 2019 for static testing and low-altitude, low-velocity flight testing of vertical launches and landings in July and August.

A very early version of Elon Musk's Mars Starship blasts to new heights. The Starship is a reusable launch vehicle second stage with an integrated payload section, and the ability to operate as a long-duration spacecraft on flights both in, and beyond Earth orbit.

Die Technik dazu entwickelt die Firma mithilfe einer Art hüpfenden Tonne aus Edelstahl.

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Whirlpool Galaxy M51.

Object: M51 Whirlpool Galaxy Optic: CA300 (300/1200mm Newton f4), GPU Corrector Mount: Skywatcher EQ8 Camera: ZWO ASI 183MM-C @ -20°C, Gain=53, Offset=10 Filter: ZWO EFW 7x36mm, Baader 36mm Filter Exposure: total 4.1h, L 16x4min + 15x4min from RGB, R 15x4min, G 16x4min, B 15x4min …

The Starhopper—a small prototype of the reusable Starship spacecraft being developed by space transportation company SpaceX—is set for a test launch this week.

The SpaceX Starship is planned to be a fully reusable super heavy-lift launch vehicle. SpaceX is using Starhopper as a testing framework for Starship and Super Heavy development. The Starhopper prototype is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of about 30 feet (9 meters). Versand aus. StarHopper has a serious engineering purpose: testing liftoff, hovering and landing for the proposed much larger spacecraft. StarHopper is a scaled-down test vehicle designed to help SpaceX run crucial preparation trials for the new Raptor engine ahead of building its full-scale Starship reusable spacecraft.

With Starhopper's work now done, though, workers will soon cannibalise it for parts and turn it into a peculiar-looking test stand for Raptor engines that will power SpaceX's rockets of the future. Sofort-Kaufen. But it is also a work of art. The HH-87 Starhopper was a versatile, long range single-person starfighter available during the Clone Wars.

It resembles nothing less than one of those retro rocketships that Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon flew into battle evil aliens in those 1930s serials. LEGO® Lego 75024 Star Wars HH-87 Starhopper.

Lieferung ca. Musk is due to present on the company's plans for the system, and possibly reaching the moon and Mars in the 2020s, sometime in September.

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