He knocks quietly then … Roxas & Axel & Xion's Ability is Dark Aura.Roxas & Axel & Xion have Medium Guilt at 6★ in Japanies version. 4,368 notes. When Roxas defends her whenever Saix insults her (“She is not an ‘it’! Upon learning of Xion's true nature as a replica created by the Organization to absorb Roxas, Axel reluctantly allows her to escape, which results in Roxas's defection from the group. palizinhas:. "Hey Xion, my name is Sora," Sora said with his own smile.

). :) That time when Roxas was asleep for days and Xion would place seashells next to his pillow and talk to him even though he can’t hear her, and Roxas did the same when Xion was asleep.

XD And of course, for this adorable moment I drew! I’m glad KH3 proved enough to people that Axel saw Xion the same way Roxas did when he sees Xion in Kairi. "I'm Mickey" Mickey said. Ermengarsh these all look so cute especially the top … "Donald Duck" Donald said. "We never meet before Sora, but my name is Xion." "Goofy, it's nice to meet you Xion" Goofy said. Roxas & Axel & Xion (Japanese: ロクサス & アクセル & シオン Rokusasu & Akuseru & Shion) is an event Speed medal in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. . Not that there aren't other days that Roxas and Xion spend just the two of them, but what I loved in Day 321 is the fact that for once, Xion was the one worried about Roxas, it's usually the other way around ! At first he just stands there, but after a couple minutes he decides to go in. Reblog. Have a rare colored piece! [48] Roxas, Xion and Axel broke apart before looking at the others. In Kingdom Hearts II , he is ordered to retrieve and later kill Roxas, but Roxas defeats him and merges with Sora, although the two friends reconcile. Xion approached Sora before she said with a smile. Roxas follows the sound and stops when he reaches Xion's room. In the international release Roxas & Axel & Xion have Very High Guilt at 6★.. Xion becomes close friends with Roxas and Axel as the three eat ice cream everyday during sunset after their missions. "Merlin" Merlin said. There’s a reason why I don’t make that many. roxas xion roxas x xion rokushi kh 358/2 days kingdom hearts 358/2 days kingdom hearts kingdom hearts manga. Because a lot of people took the “she looks like Naminé” thing too seriously even though the scene where Axel starts seeing Xion’s face is pretty clear.

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