mr sinister vs apocalypse

We recently did an episode on the Summers brothers, Scott & Alex. does. This time we're doing double the trouble with two classic X-Men villains: Apocalypse and Mister Sinister. In 1882, Sinister was present at Darwin’s funeral, reveling in the irony that the man who was once vilified was being buried in Westminster Abbey, the highest church of England. As ever, this depends on the scenario, and it’s harder than most. %CODE_APOCALYPSE% We're back with another Character Corner. Who do you think would win? Ah, mismatch, Apocalypse easily. Mr. Sinister’s near constant betrayals of Apocalypse is something Apocalypse respects.
Apocalypse vs Mr. Sinister. Sinister has conducted numerous experiments in his time. Xplosive. Xplosive. Sinister agreed to help them, as long as he could have a DNA sample from Courier. No one has the power of Apocalypse." Mr. Sinister is a follower of Apocalypse and a genius among villains. Soon after, a time displaced Gambit and Courier approached Sinister for help. is that he is even more treacherous than Apoc. Apocalypse respects Mr. Sinister in a way that is completely and totally not reciprocated. Are you sure? It shows the kind of strength that Apocalypse hopes to engender. What makes Sinister more dangerous than Apoc.

and that Sinister probably knows more about mutant genetics than Apoc. Sinister is pretty sinister. While Apocalypse is the leader of their campaign, Mr. Sinister is very much the front man, (a la Darth Vader).He played a minor role in Part One of Disney Vs Marvel villains, but, he is expected to be a far more major player in Part Two. And we're also planning on doing an episode on Cable and the rest of the Summers bloodline. apoc001. During the 19th Century, Nathaniel Essex encountered Apocalypse who used his technology to transform Essex into “Sinister”, the last word his dying wife ever spoke to him.. apoc001. Soon after, he left for The United States. Although I pity Sinister, for alone he'll never pose any threat to my power.
KMC Forums > Comic Book Forums > Comic Book 'Versus' Forum > Apocalypse vs Mr. Sinister. It's actually pretty fitting that we do these two at this point. The plague Sinister created attacked only Apocalypse, driving him into hibernation. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.

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