Drawing down the Moon (also known as drawing down the Goddess) is a central ritual in many contemporary Wiccan traditions.

According to the poet Hesiod, Selene was the daughter of Hyperion and Theia, sister of Helios, the Sun and Eos the Dawn. But what makes the Moon become a Wiccan icon? As the God is often represented by the Sun, the Goddess is often represented by the Moon, and its three phases are taken as instructive as to the nature of Her being; the Waxing Moon representing creation and inspiration, embodied in the Maiden Goddess. Monotheism and polytheism.
Other Wiccan conceptualisations have portrayed her as a Moon Goddess and as a Menstruating Goddess. For women, many of whom were raised in patriarchal religions, Wicca offers balance and equality. During the ritual, a coven's High Priestess enters a trance and requests that the Goddess or Triple Goddess, symbolized by the Moon, enter her body and speak through her. One of the most frequently used motifs is the triple moon, combining the images of the waxing, full and waning moon. Through her various phases and faces, the Moon guides us through the Mysteries of life. The High Priestess may be aided by the High Priest, who invokes the spirit of the Goddess. In Wicca, the Goddess is primarily revered through Her form as the Triple Goddess.

Selene - Goddess of the Moon. Hand Painted Agate Charms and Altar Pieces Welcome to Moon Goddess Garden!.

The latest Tweets from Luna Goddess (@wiccagoddess): "https://t.co/saBNOpYPq6" Perhaps the main reason for Wicca’s rapid growth is that it’s one of the few spiritual paths that honors both feminine and masculine deities. Gardner stated that beyond Wicca's two deities … These phases of the moons correspond to the maiden, mother and crone respectively.

Selene - The Radiant - Goddess of the Moon (Her Roman counterpart was Luna.) Revering the Goddess. The Moon is aligned with the element Water.
Please feel free to browse through our shop for all your Wiccan and Pagan Supplies!We have a wide array of Spell Crafting and Ritual tools for offer with most of these being Lovingly Handcrafted by ourselves . She is a primary Pagan Goddess. There are several, traditional, wiccan Goddess symbols. And She is Queen of the Night, sailing through the heavens with Her starry host. The Moon in Wicca religion is highly revered. According to the anthropologist Susan Greenwood, in Wicca the Goddess is "a symbol of self-transformation - she is seen to be constantly changing and a force for change for those who open themselves up to her." Other sources claim she was the child of Pallas and Euryphaessa.

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