in which of the following countries are shiites the largest religious group?

Ethnic religions generally have in common.....unknown or unclear origins.

Indo-European .

Jews …

Languages within the Indo-European family are widely spoken in all of the following countries EXCEPT _____. Indo-European. Iran. Saudi Arabia is led by the royal family of Sunni fundamentalists. Buddhists are the second-largest group in seven countries (including Japan). It wants to maintain its relationship with the world's largest oil exporter, Saudi Arabia. Shiites are participating in the world’s largest pilgrimage today. The Alevi constitute the second largest religious community in Turkey (following the Sunnis), and number some 25% (20 million) of the total population. Saudi Arabia.

Following his death in 632 CE, Islam broke off into two distinct groups: Sunni and Shia. Islam is historically divided into two major sects, Sunni and Shia Islam, each with its own sub-sects.

In which of the following countries are Shiites the largest religious group? Adherents of folk religions are the largest religious group in just three countries (Macau, Taiwan and Vietnam), but they are the second-largest group in 23 nations, including China (where “nones” are the biggest group). Sunni and Shiite Countries . English is part of which language family? These groups disagreed over who the successor to Muhammad should be.

Saudi Arabia .

Here’s how they view the world. This classification was changed to the new euphemism of Eastern Turk in 1980. Hindus, meanwhile, make up the second-largest group in 12 countries, perhaps most notably Pakistan. While Sunni muslims chose Abu Bakr as the successor of Mohammad, Shia designated Ali Abi Talib. Nowadays the Kurds, in Turkey, are still known under the name Easterner (Doğulu).

  But it allied with the Shiites in the Iraq War to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

A relatively small group that has broken away from an established church is a.....sect. Therefore, we bring you the ten biggest religion in the world exercising all our rationale only to sum up its essence without any affiliations. Tension between other countries in the region has also stoked the fighting, which revives suspicions that have existed between Shiites and Sunnis that date back 1,400 years, she said. In Middle-east, The Shia majority countries are Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Yemen and also there is a larger shia population in Syria and Turkey. Kurds form the largest minority group in Turkey, and they have posed the most serious and persistent challenge to the official image of a homogeneous society. Countries that have 80 % or above Christian population are.....Mexico, Chile, Italy. A language used by the government for business and official documents is a(n) official language. In the Caucasus region, they live in Georgia , Russia ( Dagestan ), Turkey and previously in Armenia (before 1990). As of 2020, Below are the top 10 …

The belief in the existence of only one god is.....monotheism.

In addition to its religious vitality, Islam is an increasingly important political force on the world scene.

There are 11 countries that either ally with either Sunni Saudi Arabia or Shiite Iran. Shiites constitute the majority of the population in Iran, Iraq, and Bahrain, and are the largest Muslim population group in Lebanon. The Shia's are around 20% population of Syria and Turkey.

Iraq is the first Arab country to be ruled by a Shia government since Saladin overthrew the Fatimids in Egypt in 1171.

Sunnis also have a less elaborate religious hierarchy than Shiites have, and the two sects' interpretation of Islam's schools of law is different. The largest of the Turkic-speaking peoples in the Caucasus are Azerbaijanis who number 8,700,000 in the Republic of Azerbaijan. In terms of the number of speakers, which of the following language families is the largest?

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