hurricane hugo wind speed

Weather Underground provides tracking maps, 5-day forecasts, computer models, satellite imagery and detailed storm statistics for tracking and forecasting Major Hurricane Hugo Tracker. It belongs to the class of hurricanes termed Cape Verde storms. We had been hearing about it … It was near midnight September 27, northeast of Charleston. Hugo's eye was described as very large, at 40 miles wide, and hurricane-force winds extended as far as 140 miles from it.

The storm also devastated the Caribbean Islands of Guadeloupe, St. Croix, and Puerto Rico. Hurricane Hugo was a category 5 hurricane that affected the Northeast and Southeastern United States.

Top wind speeds Michael made landfall as a 155-mph, Category 4 storm, making it the third-strongest hurricane on record to hit the U.S., when measured by barometric pressure. Examine the graph showing wind speed and pressure versus time for Hurricane Hugo. An often-misunderstood aspect of hurricane winds is the potential for increased damage as wind speeds increase. Of the 36 hurricanes currently considered to have attained Category 5 status in the Atlantic, 18 had wind speeds at 175 mph (78 m/s; 152 kn; 282 km/h) or greater and only eight had wind speeds at 180 mph (80 m/s; 160 kn; 290 km/h) or greater (the 1935 Labor Day hurricane, Allen, Gilbert, Mitch, Rita, … Sixty- one people died from this horrible storm. A 241 kph (150 mph) wind is 20% stronger than a 201 kph (125 mph) wind. Hg

The storm also devastated the Caribbean Islands of Guadeloupe, St. Croix, and Puerto Rico. Hugo gained intensity while crossing the Atlantic, and by September 13 it had reached full hurricane status, with a wind speed … Hurricane Hugo formed on September 9, 1989. It was September 15, 1989, and Marks was lead scientist aboard Kermit flying out of Barbados, heading towards the Category five Hurricane Hugo when the forward-looking radar failed. Hugo’s winds were just 61 mph less than Camille’s, a Category 5 hurricane that ravaged Mississippi’s Gulf Coast in 1969, killing 256. Lowest pressure: 918 millibars / 27.11 inches; Pressure and sustained wind at landfall: 934 millibars / 140 mph; Maximum sustained winds at peak: 160 mph - category 5 on the Saffir - Simpson scale Interesting Facts The Pacific coast rarely gets hit by a hurricane because hurricanes form over water and travel west. Source: Hurricane Categories Category Wind Speed Barometric Pressure Storm Surge Damage Potential; 1 (weak) 75–95 mph 65–82 kts 33–42 m/s > 28.94 in. Hurricane Hugo hit in 1989 in South Carolina. Hurricanes are classified according to wind speed and flooding. Hugo was a Category 4 hurricane with wind speeds well over 130 mph when it hit Isle of Palms. Until Hurricane Fran roared through the state in September 1996, Hugo was the modern day benchmark for storm damage. Hurricane Irma is making her way through the Caribbean, heading straight towards the U.S., and many Charlotteans are remembering a similar hurricane that struck the Carolinas back in 1989. Hurricane Hugo Facts Summary. The two curves (time series of wind speed and pressure) appear to be un-related to each other. Hurricane Hugo was one of the major hurricanes. Hurricane Hugo Old Footage from 1989 after the storm. In general, the variations of wind speed and pressure for Hugo from September 11-22 can be described by (multiple choice, circle the correct response): a. The Saffir-Simpson Scale. b. Hurricane Hugo began as a tropical disturbance off the west African coast on September 9, 1989. Hugo was a Category 4 hurricane with wind speeds well over 130 mph when it hit Isle of Palms. The forces against structures do not increase linearly, they increase exponentially (power of 3), and as wind speed increases. Tropical storm winds of about 50 to 60 mph reached 250 miles from the eye.

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