how long does it take to walk around the earth


Planet Earth has a circumference of roughly 40,075 km, or 24,901 miles. A: About 5 times around the Earth on the equator.

That’s what the ISS does.

That’s what the ISS does. That's 132,211,200 feet. If you were driving 60 miles per hour nonstop, it would take you approximately 98.243 days to travel around the globe. Of course, you then have to take into consideration the mountains you'd have to cross, so that would add more steps. walk around the Earth. That would be 44,070,400 steps. Which is the equivalent of walking about 5 times around the Earth, right on the equator.

Done, that is, as an adventure excuse while pacing in a prison yard. It would take a 11 year old to walk the earth and we did it on a calculator and it is 25120 hours and 1047 days and 3 years without sleeping and not going to the bathroom. Try it and see the world. How long does it take to drive around earth's equator? At the preferred earth walking speed of 3.1 mph (i.e. If it would take us a million years, that would be 38 km. If you slept for 8 hours and walked for 16 hours with no breaks every 24 hours then 136 days. So: Q: How far does the average human walk in a lifetime? Even less time than long previously thought, a scientist now reveals. But since it is not perfectly round, this figure does not tell the whole story. It's time to get a ballpark figure so we have an idea of the order of magnitude we're talking about. That’s already been done. The moon moves on average 3.8 cm per year away from us. Doing the math, the average person with the average stride living until 80 will walk a distance of around 110,000 miles. That's pretty optimistic, so 12 hours walking, 12 hours resting would make it 182 days.

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Whether that amounts to a lot or not depends on how long we expect to walk there. How long would it take to fall down a hole dug straight through the Earth to the other side? Assume just walking the miles (flat & dry land, no swimming, and some interesting stops along the way)? At the equator, the earth is 25,040 miles around.

If it is only 10 years, that would be 38 cm. If you walk in a circle around your friend and constantly turn so that you are continually facing him, you are both revolving and rotating. Let's say you take steps that are 3 feet. natural gait on flat level earth terrain) it would take you a little over 2188 hours or about 91 days if you walked continuously.

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