how is the average temperature of the earth calculated

So, long story short, while local temperature can change significantly over different parts of the day, global average temperature isn't nearly so easily changed. There are three basic methods. Satellite neasurments are the Ensure that all of the measurements are in the same temperature … Land based weather stations measuring surface temperatures, weather balloons measuring middle atmosphere and satellites measuring upper atmosphere. Here are the steps. Each year, global average surface temperature is calculated. On a single day (using numbers above), the Earth gets 71% of 5.6*10 Ask a climate scientist: how is the global average temperature calculated? To calculate the average monthly temperature of a specific city, add the high temperatures for each day together, then add the low temperatures to that. For example, April has 30 days, and you

The Standard Atmosphere (SA) which is what all instruments are calibrated for says that the average temperature on earth is 15 degrees Celsius and the pressure 1,013.25 HectoPascal. How do we measure the temperature of the entire planet? The 2011 NOAA surface temperature anomaly of 0.51 C, gives an average Earth temperature of 14.4 C for 2011. But how to measure the way it changes Then, divide by the number of entries. To find out more about how the Earth is warmed and the greenhouse gases that are responsible, see How Atmospheric Warming Works and Greenhouse Gases . Average temperature = sum of measured temperatures ÷ number of measurements Where the sum of measured temperatures is found by adding up every measurement. It takes thousands of thermometers, but the math is pretty simple.

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