Puppetry as an art form is believed to have its roots in ancient cultures, more than 3000 years old. Similarly, in the Javanese puppet theatre, a grotesque giant is a personification of the destructive principle, while an … In this figure the hand passes inside the puppet’s body to grasp a short rod to the head, the arms being manipulated by rods in the usual way. Understand the history of puppets - Puppetry is considered to be originated around 3000 years ago, in India while some believe its origin is China. The oldest puppets were probably used in religious ceremonies as representations of gods and … It is sometimes claimed that puppets were used in the theater arts even before the advent of human actors. The history of Chinese puppets dates back thousands of years. A puppet Charlemagne in a Sicilian puppet theatre is not merely an 8th-century Frankish king but a symbol of royal nobility; and the leader of his rear guard dying on the pass of Roncesvalles is not merely a petty knight ambushed in a skirmish but a type representing heroism and chivalry. To learn more about the history of puppets and their heritage, visit the following links: Ancient Puppets - This site discusses some of the ancient uses of puppets in India. In a similar movement in the United States, largely inspired by Marjorie Batchelder, the use of rod puppets was greatly developed in school and college theatres, and the hand-rod puppet was found to be of particular value. Puppetry is known since the Ancient Greece and there are written documents that mention theatre of puppets dating since 5th century BC. The earliest puppets probably originated in Egypt, where ivory and clay articulated puppets have been discovered in tombs. Excavated clay dolls from Indus Valley sites indicate that puppetry was known in India since 2nd century BC.

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