chinese moon photos ruins

Mark Sawalha, from Finland, says he spotted a “strange spike” that looks like an antenna, taken by the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), during a mission to map the moon.

Using photo-processing with the official Chinese photos, he "equalized" (turned up the grain) darker areas, which then showed evidence for the ruins of "tall, glass crystalline skyscrapers" that may be miles high. Dr. Ken was the only individual that was certified to operate that projector. (3) The same photograph that was taken by the Apollo 11 astronauts reveal structures like a huge tower on the surface of the moon, which clearly points to the fact that aliens are present there. Apollo 16 Surface Photo's Show Ancient Ruins On Moon!!
The regular technician was unavailable. A UFO expert has published an explosive image online that shows an alien base on the surface of the moon that NASA have confirmed is real. 'Bombshell proof' Claims these pictures are evidence of 'alien structures on the Moon' A CRAZY conspiracy theory that there are aliens living in bases on the Moon … The Chinese space programme has released a trove of some of the highest-resolution images of the Moon's surface ever taken. They really have kept the website current while I have been busy taking care of things in my personal life. Here are some that were youtubeLDofjyz3xMo/youtube Youtube User: whatsupinthesky37 - This is a great photo that has been around for a long time.

Ancient Ruins On Mars Found By Curiosity Rover 2018 Thank you to everyone who has stuck by the YouTube channel and to all of our admins and forum users here on the channel. Everywhere we look on the surface of the Moon we have found interesting anomalies from the air. (2) An orbit photograph of the dark side of the moon taken by Apollo 11 astronauts clearly shows a huge structure on the lunar grounds that resembles an alien base on the far side of the moon. During the film there were photos of lunar ruins that were clearly visible. China's Chang'e 3 lander and Yutu rover landed on the moon in December 2013. He presented --with startling Chinese government lunar images-- "what the Chinese have really discovered on the Moon." Chang’e 3, named after the goddess of the Moon in Chinese mythology, was a follow-up mission to Chang’e 1 and Chang’e 2 which were both lunar orbiters. During his presentation, at the conference, he relates a story of using a projector for some aerial photos of the moon.

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