cayman islands earthquake 2020 damage
Local time at epicenter: 2020-01-28 14:10:24 -05:00. Sewage lines break in GT and some building have structural damages, sink holes. Every building must be inspected. That is good to hear; thank you for the response. Too early to answer the question. Powerful Earthquake Strikes Caribbean, But No Reports Of Injuries Or Damage The 7.7 magnitude temblor struck off the coasts of Jamaica, Cuba and the Cayman Islands… It also caused sewage system issues in George Town, according to multiple sources. Sinkholes at Cricket Square, off Elgin Ave, caused by Tuesday's earthquakeEarthquake map, Tuesday 28 Jan 2020 (CNS) UPDATED 5:38pm: Government schools will be closed tomorrow to facilitate structural assessment following Tuesday afternoon’s 7.7 magnitude earthquake. The tourist paradise of the Cayman Islands was rocked by the effects of a magnitude 7.7 earthquake originated 80 miles northeast of George Town, according to Government Information Services. Date & time: Tuesday, 28 January 2020 19:10 UTC. From Cayman Compass - https:/… How is everything after the earthquake that was between Jamaica and the Cayman Islands today? 7.7 earthquake - 124km NNW of Lucea, Jamaica (Cayman Islands) on Tuesday, 28 January 2020. The Red Cross Shelter on Huldah Avenue is opening at 6.30pm and the Aston Rutty Civic Centre on Cayman Brac… Jan 28 19:34: Magnitude recalculated from 7.3 to 7.7. The Cayman Islands and the northern Caribbean were struck by a magnitude 7.7 earthquake on Tuesday afternoon. Hypocenter depth recalculated from 10.0 to 14.8 km. Major mag. Reports coming out of Cayman are that the earthquake impacted local telephone service. I felt this quake. The 7.7 magnitude earthquake, orginating 80 miles northeast in George Town, Cayman Islands, caused major damage on all three of the islands. Hazard Management Cayman Islands has said that so far five tremors have been recorded since the 7.7 earthquake stuck the Cayman Islands region at 2.10pm.

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