can we feed the world

In A Changing Climate Can We Feed The World? Participants will discuss a five-course menu of solutions to ensure we can feed everyone without increasing emissions, fueling deforestation or exacerbating poverty. is the authoritative text for the 21st century iteration of what Raj Patel (2013) calls the “long Green Revolution.” In it, Conway outlines an approach for ending hunger and poverty by reaching out to the world… Can We Feed the World? Can we produce enough food and conserve natural resources to sustain the population? This period was defined by the adoption and sweeping use of four agricultural technologies: plant breeding, synthetic fertilizers, crop chemicals and, beginning in the mid-90s, genetically modified traits. Can we support, or at least grant social licenses, to organizations (or industries) moving the needle toward positive outcomes deemed advantageous or improvements over the status quo? Or will we become so stubborn in the righteousness of our beliefs that we disrupt, interrupt and diminish our capacity to feed the world? A lot of things would have to change. Sir Gordon Conway’s One Billion Hungry: Can We Feed the World? It is estimated that 795 million people in the world are going hungry and 815 million people are malnourished. We will be able to feed the one billion chronically hungry and get to a food secure world in 2050, but only if we focus our efforts, provide sufficient aid and public and private investment, harness new technologies, remove trade restrictions, create appropriate enabling environments and governance, including efficient, noncorrupt and fair markets, and vigorously tackle climate change. Even though people, on average, are becoming richer and are consuming more grain, the combination of the slowing of the rate of increase in the world’s population and the on-going improvement in grain yields is likely to deliver enough grain for the world’s future needs. INRODUCTION: We currently have enough food to feed the people of our world. We responded to this threat in the decades after the second world war, during a period we now refer to as the Green Revolution. Intensive research and modeling examining the nexus of the food system, economic development, and the environment show why each of the 22 items on the menu is important and quantifies how far each solution can get us. Hunger is one of the biggest challenges that the people on our planet are facing, which is why the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2 aims to end world hunger. As people, especially in the Western world, eat less meat, the global demand for grain is reduced – for example, the US could feed 800m people with the grain currently fed to livestock. If the world goes on with business as usual, there’s not going to be enough food to feed everyone by 2050. Although we produce more than enough food to feed the planet’s population, 854 million people are reported to live in food insecurity. So, in summary, if the question is “Can we feed the world?”, the short answer seems to be “Yes”. But what will our situation be in the 21st Century? And a lot of things should change!

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