If we were going to define this as a formal branding exercise we would say we’re creating a “brand plan,” but really it's just having conversations internally and externally and putting down who you are and how you want to talk about yourself.. I am currently working on the brand persona and graphic assets right now for #TheGreatBuild project. Different people in the athletic apparel store can make their choice: relentlessness or victory. Their reason for being, their very brand cause is based-upon inspiring us all to just ‘do-it’. What is Brand Essence? This is the third and last post on our exploration journey on the brand positioning. This is a brand principle that Nike know better than most brands as the recent release of the ‘Nike sole’. The Brand Essence Wheel is a format for capturing and communicating the conceptual subtleties of the brand. The Nike brand essence is one of the best known in the world. Brand essences become more powerful when these are rooted in a fundamental need of a consumer. A brand which delivers emotional benefits will attract customer loyalty, and the business’ profits will be much higher than without a brand essence. Previous destinations in the expedition – within the context of the brand key framework – included the diagnostic part of the positioning, and the consumer centric component of model. Nike Masters the 80:20 Rule of Branding. A video describing what Nike SB means to its fans. In many cases, strong slogans remain in consumers’ collective memory for many years. Nike brand strategy / positioning case study If you want to get access to Nike brand strategy analysis including brand essence, brand values, brand character, brand archetype and … Brand Essence is the emotional heart of a brand, summed up in a few words. The Brand Essence Wheel helps companies create and define their brand identity and consists of 3 rings describing the characteristics, essences and values. At the core of your brand strategy is your Brand Essence -- your Brand Essence is what you stand for. Produced by: Senesi Blake Music: Kanye West - Touch the Sky (Instrumental) NOTE: THIS IS STUDENT SPEC WORK PRODUCED BY THE VCU BRANDCENTER. Usually stated in two to three words, a brand’s essence is the one constant … Nike’s brand essence is all about athletic inclusivity – ‘anyone who has a body – has the potential to be an athlete’. This is where brand essence wheels come in handy. During the first week of AMP Agency's Insights Lab Incubator, we asked students the thought provoking question, "What's your brand essence? Brand essence is mostly useful in B2C markets, where the customer becomes emotional at every touchpoint with the brand. In the next post, I will unveil the name, logo as well as the brand persona for my new ecommerce business. Brand Essence Brand essence is the “heart and soul” of the brand, its timeless quality, expressed as “adjective, adjective, noun.” Some people refer to the brand essence as the brand mantra, while for others, the brand’s mantra is synonymous with the brand’s tagline or slogan. Nike - The Nike brand promise goes way beyond its famous tagline, “Just do it.” Nike’s brand promise is: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.” The asterisk in the brand promise says that if you have a body, you’re an athlete. "We provided the following description and prompt: Strong brands have well-defined, easily grasped, simply obvious essences. The Nike sole has been developed to fit onto the ‘flex-run‘ prosthetic running blade, designed for by Nike… Read more » Adidas’ brand essence contrasts to Nike, whose brand essence is about victory and competitive excellence. Starbucks - Starbucks positions itself as a company that brings more to the world than a great cup of coffee.

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