before crisis: final fantasy vii fan remake

I haven’t played the original before and I’m planning to play it on the switch before the remake comes out. Without boring everyone in the know of the details, he’s a character very heavily tied to Cloud’s personality and growth. Should I play Final Fantasy VII before the remake comes out? Although in the remake … The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII is a metaseries produced by Square Enix.A subseries stemming from the main Final Fantasy series, it is a collection of video games, animated features and short stories based in the world and continuity of Final Fantasy VII (1997). The catch being that he dies before the original begins. The original is the origin, and VII Remake is only possible because of the original.
This one is as real as it gets. Before Crisis tells the story of the Investigation Sector of The General Affairs Department, also simply known as Turks, a organization working for the Shinra Electric Power Company, a famous name in the world of Final Fantasy 7. When Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced, there were fans who were wondering whether it would reference the numerous Final Fantasy VII spin-offs that were released after the original.The demo of Final Fantasy VII Remake included a reference to a game called Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, despite the fact that it never left Japan.

At the end of Final Fantasy VII Remake we see interwoven scenes of Zack Fair. Nomura says that Final Fantasy VII Remake’s release does not overwrite the original Final Fantasy VII. Before Crisis follows the Turks, who in this game are a larger and more competent organization compared to the Goldfish Poop Gang the players are likely to remember from Final Fantasy VII, and are commanded by a different leader, Veld.The Turks battle the forces of AVALANCHE, the anti-Shinra resistance group led by the young swords-woman Elfé.
I played Crisis Core when it came on the PSP and it’s probably my favorite game. Final Fantasy VII Remake is the first in a planned series of games remaking the 1997 PlayStation game Final Fantasy VII.It covers the first section of the original game, set in the metropolis Midgar; IGN estimated that Remake covers approximately 10-15% of the original game's story.

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