apollo 14 flight journal

Like the Surface Journal, it is intended to be a resource for all those interested in the Apollo flights to the Moon, whether in a passing or scholarly capacity. Apollo 14 Flight Journal: The First Part of the Mission; Landing at Fra Mauro ; Post-landing Activities ; The First EVA. Landing Day. Like its companion, the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, it is intended to be a resource for all those interested in the Apollo program, whether in a passing or scholarly capacity. The Journal. Wake-up and Preparing for EVA-2 [Journal Contributor Gerald Megason has captured a sequence of four frames from the 16-mm film that show the approach to Cone Crater during the actual Apollo 14 landing. Apollo 14 was the eighth manned mission in the United States Apollo program, and the third to land on the Moon. Welcome to the Apollo Flight Journal, the companion to the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal. Taken from the Command Service Module 'Kitty Hawk' during the Transposition, Docking and Extraction exercise three hours and ten minutes into the flight. It was the last of the “H missions,” targeted landings […] The journal presently covers eleven human flights of the Apollo program, relating the parts of the missions not on the lunar surface.

Apollo 14 - 16-mm magazine 1215-A 00:13 Lunar Module 'Antares' is seen housed at the top of the Saturn V's S-IVB third stage. As a … This journal covers the flight of Apollo 14, eventually from launch to splashdown. Flight Journal NOOK Version; ... 5, 1971: Apollo 14 touched down on the Moon in the “Fra Mauro” highlands, which was the intended landing site for Apollo 13.

These are frames Cone-1 , Cone-2 , Cone-3 , and Cone-4 .] Preparations for EVA 1 ; Down the Ladder for EVA-1 ; ALSEP Off-Load ; ALSEP Deployment ; Return to the LM and Closeout ; Ending the First Day; The Second EVA.

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