9 Neat Facts About the World's First Computer Programmer, Ada Lovelace. 10 Things You May Not Know About Ada Lovelace Check out 10 surprising facts about the pioneering woman often cited as the world’s first computer programmer. Created in 2009, Ada Lovelace Day is a worldwide event to celebrate women in STEM careers. Ada is often considered to be the world's first computer programmer. In celebration of Ada Lovelace day 2018, DIGIT has put together five facts about this extraordinary woman. She thought poetry would spoil her morals. She worked on Charles Babbage‘s analytical engine computer and is often described as the earliest computer programmer. Here's a list of nine reasons why she is pretty much the coolest historical figure ever. Ada Lovelace Biography, Life, Interesting Facts. A Role Model in Every Way. However, she came from a troubling lineage.

Uncover 42 shocking facts about Ada Lovelace, the gentlewoman genius of the 1800s. Ada Lovelace was born on 10 December 1815.

2) Her mother, Anne Isabella Noel Byron, was a mathematician and political activist.

On 27 November 1852, Ada Byron Lovelace died at the same age of her absent and infamous father Lord Byron. 3) Her father was the well-known poet George Byron. Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace (10 December 1815 – 27 November 1852), born Augusta Ada Byron, was an English writer who became the world's first computer programmer.She wrote the program for Charles Babbage's mechanical computer, the analytical engine. Check out more facts about Ada Lovelace by reading the following post below: Facts about Ada Lovelace 1: the death of his father. She was just 36, and passed from uterine cancer, which was probably made worse by the common practice of bloodletting. November 16th 2014 | Science Ada Lovelace is a 19th-century aristocrat who just so happens to be one of the first computer geniuses. If you are interested to find out the only child of Lord Byron and Anne Isabella Byron, you have. 09 October 2018, 03.01pm. After Ada was a month, his father left his wife and her daughter. Dominique Adams . 1) Augusta Ada King, (1815 – 1852), commonly known as Ada Lovelace, was a British mathematician and writer. She was known to have been initiated into this profession by her mother who thought poetry was too bad for her. Lovelace was known for her collaboration with Charles Babbage, the Father of the Computer. Ada Lovelace was a 19th century English writer and mathematician. 10 Facts about Ada Lovelace. Her tutors included William Frend, William King, and Mary Somerville. Ada Lovelace was one of the earliest and well-known computer programmers in the world. Ada Lovelace's mother, who had studied mathematics herself, decided that her daughter would be spared the father's eccentricities by studying more logical subjects like math and science, rather than literature or poetry. WTF Fun Fact – Ada Lovelace Flyology March 24, 2020 March 24, 2020 Ada Lovelace, considered one of the first computer programmers, wrote a theory of “flyology” on powered flight that accurately documented wing-body ratios to achieve flight. Interesting Facts About Ada Lovelace. Quick Facts Name Ada Lovelace Birth Date December 10, 1815 Death Date November 27, 1852 Place of Birth London, United Kingdom Place of Death London, United Kingdom Five Facts About Ada Lovelace, The World’s First Computer Programmer . Young Ada Lovelace showed a genius for mathematics from an early age.

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