Zagreb train disaster

The Bihar train station is not accessible by road and express trains usually come through without stopping at a speed of 50 miles per hour. Talk. × Location URL.

top Yugoslav Communist party official Stane Dolanc charges lack of discipline and irresponsible attitude toward work were responsible for Zagreb train crash in which 124 people died (S) Nearby: Poslovni centar Strojarska. Vehicle Accidents Links: By: kkeps. Allow map scroll Zagreb train disaster (8/30/1974) Zagreb, Croatia (HR) Like. Zagreb train disaster (8/30/1974) (Google Maps).

After the crash, the crowd drags out the train's driver and beats him. The town lies above a ravine on the Awash River.

Pin. Zagreb train disaster (8/30/1974) Maps / Zagreb train disaster (8/30/1974) Info; Nearby (87) Like.

Thousands of people in the Yugoslav town of Zagreb - where 147 people died in the country's worst rail crash in August - crowded into the town's Mirogoj cemetry on Wednesday (9 October) to mourn the victims of the disaster.

Tweet. 153 dead. Share.
The accident happened at the same location where a train derailed last year, although that accident caused no casualties. Soldier victims. 153 dead. The deaths of 230 people make Quintinshill the biggest railway disaster to have occurred in Britain. The crowd also sets the train on fire.

The worst train disaster in the history of Africa occurred on January 14, 1985, close to the town of Awash. Tweet. When the gas canisters on the troop train carriages caught fire many men were trapped and burned to death in the resulting conflagration. Advertisement.
Officials say the driver of the train had clearance to pass through the station. Pin.

It was on nearing this town that the express train derailed after the engineer failed to reduce speed at the curving bridge, plunging the train’s carriages into the ravine. Thirty-seven people are confirmed dead, including several children. Embassy of North … Google Maps.

Close. Share. Zagreb train disaster (8/30/1974) Zagreb, Croatia (HR) 153 dead.

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