Teen Titans: Beast Boy

Boy Beast and the Bizarro Titans follow Robin to his home universe, ready to attack … Beast Boy fights with even more vigor then before after this comment, with tears in his eyes. Nega Beast Boy says that Beast Boy is weak, and that's why Terra betrayed him. he also can't keep it in his pants. As the laid-back and irritable prankster of the team, Beast Boy prefers to relax than fight supervillains which often results in him going to the extremes to be lazy and avoid combat.
smarter,darker and more dangerous beast boy, pairing beast boy and raven.

#1 New York Times bestselling author Kami Garcia (Beautiful Creatures) and artist Gabriel Picolo, the creative duo behind the smash hit Teen Titans: Raven, take you on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, while reminding us the value of true friendship--especially when life gets wild.

AN: I literally woke up this morning (about half an hour ago) and thought of this. The rhythm of his own punches seemed distant in Beast Boy's mind. Beast Boy was brought up in the jungles of Brazil, Africa, India and several other places. He has a goal, an evil goad and he kills others to achive it. Without a leader, Boy Beast and the team welcome Robin and do as he says, but, because of their backwards Bizarro thinking, they take insult to Robin's compliments. I just own your soul :P Please read& review!

Beast Boy (Garfield Mark Logan) is one of the main characters of Teen Titans Go!.

I do not own Teen Titans. Garfield Logan, known primarily as Beast Boy but for a time as Changeling, is a green-skinned superhero who has the power to transform into any animal. Beast Boy was a former member of the Doom Patrol, and one of the five founding members of the Teen Titans and Justice League. After kicking Nibor off their team for being an incompetent leader, alternate universe Robin comes to Bizarro World and meets the Titans there. Chapter: 1. As a child, Garfield Logan contracted a rare illness called Sakutia and was cured by a serum from a green monkey. Fade Away is a song in “Be Mine” sung by Beast Boy as a cat for Terra on Valentine’s Day. Originally a member of the Doom Patrol, he joined the Teen Titans after the death of the other Patrollers. Beast Boy's parents, Mark and Marie Logan were geneticists that would travel the jungles of the world to study their wildlife. He kills but not to an extent that he kills everything around him. Beast Boy (real name Garfield Logan) is a teenage superhero and a member of the Teen Titans.He gained the ability to transform into animals which retain his unique green-colored skin. Later, as the tide of the battle above ground starts to turn against the Teen Titans, they decide to switch combatants in hopes of regaining the advantage.
Beast boy is evil in that. A beast boy that has been trained by slade before he joined the teen titans. Underestimated.

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