For example, in image processing, lower layers may identify edges, while higher layers may identify the concepts relevant to a human such as digits or letters or faces.. Overview. Here's a list of opposite words and antonyms. Please find below all Opposite of deep . Shallow Shallow; shallow,frivolous,light,shallow,superficial,shallow,shallow,thin (voluminous),shallow,small (low in pitch),high,high-pitched,piping (of a color,dark and highly saturated),light,pale,desaturated,washed-out; What are the antonyms for the word Deep? Opposites formed by prefixes (dis-, ex-, im-, in-, irr-, un- etc.) Find another word for deep. Top antonyms for deep-water (opposite of deep-water) .

Do you need the opposite word for something? 119 synonyms of deep from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 269 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Visit! We are happy to share with you today all I Love Crosswords Answers, Cheats and Solutions for All Levels. Deep learning is a class of machine learning algorithms that (pp199–200) uses multiple layers to progressively extract higher level features from the raw input. Big Database of Antonyms! Easy Antonym-Search! Opposite of deep 7 Letter Answer: SHALLOW Already… Deep-water antonyms. (figurative) The custom has deep roots in the community. a deep hole/well/river; deep water/snow; The water looks quite deep there. Greetings! Sunflowers have deep roots. The deep web, invisible web, or hidden web are parts of the World Wide Web whose contents are not indexed by standard web search-engines.The opposite term to the deep web is the "surface web", which is accessible to anyone/everyone using the Internet.Computer-scientist Michael K. Bergman is credited with coining the term deep web in 2001 as a search-indexing term.
Optimized for Smartphones and Tablets! List of Opposites in the English language in alphabetical order - A - F. Here you will find a table of words and their opposites. Word Deep Antonyms. opposite shallow are not listed here. This game is created by Second Gear Games which are famous for creating many other games like 22 Clues, Word Imposter and Hidden Letters. Around the world, the deep oceans are heating. Neither shallow nor gentle are the opposite of steep, but rather words we make do with because there is no actual word for what we mean; when asked the opposite of gentle or shallow we wouldn't naturally say steep, but harsh or deep respectively.

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