Does it snow in Marseille

In spring the temperature begins to rise and it's a great time to visit Marseille. While the temperature can get chilly during the winter, it's not unpleasant for visitors. Using Marseille as your travel base is fine. The air is always full of breezes because Marseille is located on the Mediterranean Sea, and the city rarely sees any sort of snow or even frost during the winter. In Marseille, the main Saint Charles train station was paralysed as signaling froze. Note :- The details of The Snow Forecasts and Reports near Marseille Provence on J2Ski are not definitive, and are subject to change. It has great travel links...bus, train or car as all the major autoroutes converge on the city. Warning :- Snow Sports are Dangerous! Founded by Greek sailors in 600 B.C., who gave the name Massalia, it has always been home to those who arrive over the seas to come and add their own identity to the mix. Winters are short with mild temperatures.

Skiing, snowboarding and all winter sports involve risk of serious injury or death. School buses were canceled in the entire Bouches du Rhone administrative area, where Marseille is located. You MUST confirm all information, especially snow and weather conditions, locally before you ski or board. Marseille has a Mediterranean climate. Car would be my advice as with this you can explore some really nice villages/towns as you make your way to and from your main attraction. The second largest city in France, although it does have perennial arguments with Lyon about this, Marseille is also the country’s oldest. In summer the monthly average temperature is around 27 degrees Celsius.

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